About Axon Pharmatech

A leading clinical research training institute and a site management organization, Axon Pharmatech was founded in 2011 by a dedicated group of industry veterans and Healthcare professionals having 8+ years of domain expertise. With its new approach in imparting clinical research and technology education, Axon Pharmatech aims to take Indian clinical research and healthcare to an altogether different level in terms of quality standards.

A world-class clinical research and training institute, Axon Pharmatech strictly complies with ICH-GCP, Indian GCP, Schedule Y and other regulatory norms, completely accurate results, research protocol and the extensive documentation, requisite for conducting human research. In imparting clinical research and training, we follow an ethically sound patient recruitment practices and efficient site management.

The learning process is supported by advanced telecom and internet based programs in addition to the direct interaction classes conducted once in every three months. With our strong ties among the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Clinical Research and Medical fraternity, we have the access to intellectual resources to serve the specific needs for students and the industry.

The demand for trained clinical research professionals is ever-increasing with the global uptrend in this market. However, In order to keep up with this dynamic and research intensive field, it is critical for a professional to stay updated of the national and international regulatory norms. Axon provides the required training for advanced knowledge in Clinical Research to graduates having relevant degrees including B-Pharm/M-Pharm/Pharma-D, supporting an ethical and scientific education system.

Our Vision

Axon Pharmatech envisions to be positioned as the preferred clinical research partner for all small and large biotech and pharmaceutical organizations for its site management services and advance the quality of Indian clinical research services by imparting quality training and education in this area.

Our Mission

Axon Pharmatech strives to create awareness about and empower the graduates from Indian suburbs and small towns with advanced skills in clinical research and technology to help create future career avenues and job opportunities. We offer the courses at affordable prices without compromising on the quality matching the training institutes in metro cities, to ensure that the deserving candidates can get enrolled and get well-placed in their career in clinical research. With our ethics based practices, we consistently deliver service excellence to our customers in developing drugs, tools, techniques and procedures that can potentially save lives or improve health.

Team of Axon

Bharani N. Bhaskar / CRA Manager

Mr. Bharani N. Bhaskar is an industry veteran who holds close to a decade of experience in project management with developing from the scratch, monitoring and supervising new project set-ups and this includes a standalone experience of 8 years in Clinical Research operations with Spectrum Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd. He has exceptional client communication and is instrumental in handling complete resource management and offering ramped-up and practical solutions to resolve complex problems and meet immediate process needs. With his proven success at proficiently managing new business set-up activities and adding value to significantly huge Clinical Research Projects, he has been consistently successful at maximizing overall corporate performance.

Mr. Vishal Prabhakar Barge / Sr. Clinical Research Associate

Mr. Vishal Barge has over 9 years of rich experience in Clinical Research (inclusive of 2 years of non-clinical research) and has achieved an Advanced Certification in Clinical Research/ . He is renowned for his skills in providing a centralized support to monitoring visits and site management for a variety of protocols, sites and therapeutic areas. He also possesses sound issue resolution skills where the resolution approach is ensured to maintain compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP), local regulatory requirements, and protocol.
Mr. Barge is known for his excellent communication and analytical skills that enable him to present the findings and the conclusion of the clinical research in a precise manner. His experience in quality control and monitoring have enabled him to conduct activities while bearing strict compliance with the applicable regulations. He is currently employed as Sr. Clinical Research Associate at Quintiles Research (India) Pvt. Ltd and provides mentoring to trainee Clinical Analyst colleagues.

Mr. Bharat Dnyaneshwar Kshirsagar / Associate Clinical Team Leader

Mr. Bharat Dnyaneshwar Kshirsagar brings to the organization, a 6+ years of rich experience in Clinical Research at handling the operations and ensuring efficient project execution. He holds a Masters’ degree in Pharmacy and an advanced certificate in clinical research. He held the positions of a Clinical Trials Assistant and a Clinical Research Associate for almost four years with Spectrum Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd. and for more than past 2 years he has been associated with SIRO Clinpharm Pvt. Ltd. as a Senior Clinical Research Associate. With his effective communication and exceptional skills of problem solving, listening, persuading, planning, managing tasks and meeting the organizational goals, he has lived up to his responsibilities in each role well.

Sunil Kumar / Executive - Pharmcovigilance

With a career spanning more than a decade in the conduction of pharmcovigilance and coordination of clinical research, Mr. Sunil Kumar is known for his expertise and knowledge on clinical trials, study procedures, data management, analysis and presentation. He is a certified MedDRA Coder and is well versed in the use of ARGUS 6.0 database for processing each case as well as analysing the collected data.
Mr. Kumar’s technical expertise on the entire clinical trial process and the relevant phases has enabled him to implement effective project management strategies which have been the primary factors behind the timely execution and delivery of the defined deliverables. He is currently employed as a Pharmcovigilance Executive in Bluefish Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Vijay Kumar / Associate Operations specialist - Lifecycle Safety

Mr. Vijay Kumar has 4+ years of experience in clinical research coordination, regulatory reporting, conducting assessment of safety reports, managing submissions with the use of tools like CTMS and Intralinks, and eTMF archiving of the documents. He has proficiency in managing drug safety database and is well versed in of US and ICH safety reporting regulations and guidelines.
Under Mr. Kumar’s leadership, the entire regulatory team has been able to pull off major feats even when working remotely from different locations. He is considered an imminent authority when it comes to inspection and auditing. He is currently employed as Associate Operations specialist - Lifecycle Safety at QUINTILES in Global Regulatory Reporting Department SARA BRM where he leads a regulatory team.

Message from Axon

Axon Pharmatech welcomes your interest in our advanced services and the training programmes, we offer in Clinical Research & Technology. The past 10 years have witnessed significant advances in this area leading to the development of therapeutic interventions for health conditions that were earlier thought to be incurable. Given the growing demand of skilled professionals in Clinical Research and Healthcare domain, this is an exciting time to consider a career in this field.

Axon Pharmatech envisages itself as an eminent service provider and a preferred partner for all the Clinical Research Organizations, biotech and pharma companies who wish to associate with us for success at research, along with the candidates who wish to get trained through our unique pedagogy and cutting edge methodology.

We train capable and focused clinical researchers who shall be best-suited to succeed in their careers in this domain in the 21st century. With our core team of industry veterans and insiders and strong relations with the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Clinical Research and Medical fraternity, we have a rich tradition, conducive of excellence in clinical care, research, technology and education in all aspects. With our innovative approach to providing the site management and training services, a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that allows process management and learning, renowned industry experts frequently visiting to share their knowledge, we remain committed to equip the next generation of clinical researchers and healthcare specialists with broad expertise in all subspecialty areas. This shall enable them to remain at the forefront of clinical research.

We believe in offering a supportive and safe environment for our patients to rest assured during the investigation and for our trainees to learn to the best of their potentials. While nurturing and supporting our trainees, given our rigorous training modules, we also hold high expectations for their success. Therefore, we anticipate the applicants to bring genuine interest in the domain, all the energy and enthusiasm to make the most of the career opportunities in clinical research. Having said that, we uphold the highest standards of clinical expertise acquired for genuine care and compassion for patients.